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Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal - On May 9th

 On May 9th. H.E. Bhumang Rinpoche in accordance with the scheduled went to Kavre District with some other Rinpoche and work crew, this time hired 4 trucks and 3 cars and carrying the goods to one of place called " Mamdi ", all goods centralized at that place and had six village's people(Tham, Tekanpur, Meche, Meche 9, Purano gao and Mukpa) , they will be come to Mamdi get these stuff, specially organized one medical treatment team in this time, it included 3 Doctor and 3 Nurse as offer some medical services. Relief group encountered earthquake again and had traffic accident during on the way, even one Rinpoche and driver injured, but they are okay nothing big problem. Known there whole village's houses damaged and could not be live and stay, so, each household can get 4 meter mat and a bag rice. Bhumang Rinpoche want to go visit some village, when he reached there must be climb and cross the river. Basically this was a difficult trip, but the overall relief aid was successful.


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