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Sometimes you do a favor to someone, but he doesn’t do any favor to you. This is your own karma. You make a cause, and the effect of course will come to you. It’s nothing to do with that man. The person you should be angry with is not him, it’s you. It’s the cause that you made wrong.
 “ From Bhumang Rinpoche’s Teaching, July 17th, 2010”

  If you have hope in your generosity, then it will become your pain in the future. When we are helping other people, don’t put yourself in your generosity, just hope that he can be happy. Consider clearly before giving, do you want to give your assistance or not; after doing generosity, don’t have the thought of repayment. To other people that kind of thought is OK, but it will bring worries to us. Where do worries come from? It’s all because of “ask,” and just like businessmen, but the difference is repayment, not money.
“ From Bhumang Rinpoche’s Teaching, July 17th, 2010”


  Don’t do generosity after I become rich. Many people think this way: They hope that if they become rich in the future, then they will start to help people. This kind of thought is not right. You should help people depended on your own ability. So when you are rich, you will absolutely help people with money, and when you are not rich, you still can do generosity without money.
“From Bhumang Rinpoche’s Teaching, July 17th, 2010”

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