Guru Speech
Sometimes you do a favor to someone, but he doesn’t do any favor to you. This is your own karma. You make a cause, and the effect of course will come to you. It’s nothing to do with that man. The person you should be angry with is not him, it’s you. It’s the cause that you made wrong.(From Bhumang Rinpoche’s Teaching, July 17th, 2010)
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2015/5/24 Drikung Bhumang Relief- On May 22nd
2015/5/20 Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal- On May 20th
2015/5/15 Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal- On May 15th
2015/5/14 Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal
2015/5/13 Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal - On May 14th
2015/5/11 Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal - On May 11,
The Lineage
The Kagyu (bka' brgyud) lineage is sometimes referred to as the “lineage of oral-instructions”. The “Ka” (bka') of Kagyu refers to the......

Luo Jipei Rinpoche's reincarnation, (the third Bhumang Rinpoche) merely lived 4 years and passed away. Nangqen Tibetans lost their master......

Buddha Teaching
Namo LokeshvaraTo the ones who see that all phenomena neither come nor go.And who seek only to benefit all beings.TO the supreme lama and the prote......

Guru Teaching
If you have hope in your generosity, then it will become your pain in the future. When we are helping other people, don’t put yourself in your generosity, just hope that he......

Most Venerable Bhumang Rinpoche to benefit sentient beings, compassion for world suffering beings, Rinpoche made great compassion, mercy......

Activity news
Ven. Bhumang Rinpoche to lead weekly dharma practice, DATE : OCT 1,2011 TIME:PM 6:00,Address : No.12,Aly.5,Ln.265,Sec.4, Xinyi Rd.,......


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