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Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal - On May 14th

五月十四日尊貴的 菩曼仁波切到街上幫助一些街友,發放一些食物、飲用水與藥品,他們沒有居所也沒有家人與朋友,真的很需要幫忙。


On May 14th, H.E. Bhumang Rinpoche go on the street and give to tramp some helps, distributed foods, drinking water and medicines, they are homeless as no family and friends, their condition more worst then before earthquake, right now they really need helps.

After that Rinpoche went to visit one family, their health and living condition also worst, older brother had cancer, the younger one he had one of disease called Jaundice as deadly condition, and younger sister injured by traffic accident, the older brother was a stone Buddhist statue engraver before he had cancer, he could not be doing anymore this job now, they were live in a rented house. In the end Rinpoche blessing them and promises will be helping them.

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2015-05-14 尼泊爾救災記錄:Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal - On May 14th五月十四日尊貴的 菩曼仁波切到街上幫助一些街友,發放一些食物、飲用水與藥品,他們沒有居所也沒有家人與朋友,真的很...

Posted by 菩曼日光林佛學會 Bhumang Nyihudling on 2015年5月15日

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