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  Patrons of Bhumang Jampaling Monks

 In order to cultivate people who can pass on Buddhist doctrine, so far there are 17 little lamas in Bhuman Chanbalin, India. The temple takes charge of taking care little lama’s life, accommodation, and learning, and the process of little lamas’ growing-up needs more goods and materials to help them. Due to environmental and hygiene bad living-conditions in India, little lamas in Chanbalin Temple sometimes get sick and have obsessions in life, and we honestly ask for help to maintain little lamas’ life, education, and medication, which can let them grow safely, learn happily, and become lamas of great ability and potential. All expenses relating to learning and normal life material are increasing, so please have our bodicitta and together help to maintain their life and support them. Everybody can do good deeds together.

There are several ways to support little lamas:
(1) One month   $1,500.
(2) One season   $4,500.
(3) Half a year   $9,000.
(4) A Year     $18,000.
(5) Donation (It depends on your ability and willingness)

You can pick any choice depended on your ability and willingness, and you can earmark the supporting lama list, or donate money without assigning.


Remittance Information:

Bank: Taipei Fubon Bank (Shin-Yi Branch)
Bank Code: 012

Account Name: Chinese Buddhist Drikung Kagyu Bhuman Sunshine Buddhism Association    Luo Sun Gi Mei
Account Number: 460102034032

Remittance Steps:
1. Please remit the donation to
Account Number.
2. Then e-mail remittance information to Account Mailbox.
3. Please clearly fill out these information below:

(1). Remittance Name
(2). Amount of remittance money
(3). Date of remittance
(4). Address and phone number
(5). The last five digits of the account
(6). Details of Supporting items
(7). Account Mailbox:

If you have any questions, please contact us:   Terry Zhao   Phone: 0928-819-543

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