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   108 Patrons of Bhumang Jampaling Monastery


Most Venerable Bhumang Rinpoche to benefit sentient beings, compassion for world suffering beings, Rinpoche made great compassion, mercy, and even more to promote the dharma satin heritage, in North India "Qiongda La" Kai” Rinpoche built the world's first in the temple "DRIKUNG KAGYU BHUMANG JAMPALING ". After five or six difficult years and the efforts of monks and laymen, from scratch and we finally successfully completed early this year, and in February on the day of all the incredible auspicious and propitious day, from the bless of His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang, all are auspicious completed.

   However, this also opens Rinpoche’s Buddha works. Rinpoche in the opening speech of the monastery, said to monastic Sangha the following two expectations and requirements: 1. Monks must study Buddhism seriously; 2. Monks must assume the responsibility of the interests of sentient beings. This is Rinpoche’s big compassion force to living beings.

In the degeneration time of today, living beings need Rinpoche's lead into the Dhamma, to find reason and free cycle of suffering. They need a good environment and good mentor to teach living beings study Buddhism.

  Buddha's 84,000 teachings are to save all beings from suffering and getting happiness. It is the only Dhamma in getting free, but the Buddha Dhamma needs monastery’s Sangha to promote, to promote Buddhism, and save sentient beings are forever lasting constant Rinpoche’s Buddhist work. However the temple and the Sangha need all the world support and protection, so as to achieve the cause of Rinpoche Buddhist merit.

 “DRIKUNG KAGYU BHUMANG JAMPALING “sought 108 long-term protect and maintain guardian warriors for the temple and Sangha’s sustainable development without fear and to carry forward the satin teaching and turning of the wheel in the world.

   Is the so-called human body is difficult, Buddhism is even rarer. If we can meet force of large compassion with merit top teachers we need more blessings in lifetimes, and do good work is the accumulation of merit and the only way. On the top of six paramita is "giving". Learning from  a Buddhist monk to "give" is the law to develop merits. 

   Welcome guardian warriors disciples and lay monks to join the protect and maintain guardian warriors. Let us plant together the blessed land and cumulative merits.


Seek 108 Patrons of Bhumang Jampaling Monastery
Each $ 1,000 per month, monthly or annual payment of totaling $ 12,000   

If from your heart you want to protect and maintain please register with:

Steven  Zhao   / Phone : 0937 -880-584
Protect and maintain e-mail:

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