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Drikung Bhumang Relief Nepal - On May 11,

On May 11, H.E. Bhumang Rinpoche with some member of IDKC Nepal Relief Center, went to visited Four Drikung Monastery, H.E. Nupa Rinpoche's Monastery(Rinchen Ling Monastery), H.E. Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoche's Monastery(Phagdrub Monastery), H.E. Jorphel Rinpoche's Monastery(Rinchen Palri Monastery) and H.E. Ayang Rinpoche's Monastery(Amitabha Foundation Retreat Center Nepal). The other members of IDKC Nepal Relief Center to visited other monastery. H.E. Bhumang Rinpoche donated 5,000 liter water tank to Rinchen Ling Monastery, donated solar heating system equipments to Phagdrub Monastery and Rinchen Palri Monastery, donated 50,000-(Nepal rupee) to Amitabha Foundation Retreat Center Nepal.

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