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               The thirty-seven bodhisattva practices (一)

                                  Namo Lokeshvara
  To the ones who see that all phenomena neither come nor go.
                     And who seek only to benefit all beings.
         TO the supreme lama and the protector Chenrezig.

           Continually I bow in respect with body. speech.and mind

1.At this time when the difficult-to-gain ship of leisure and fortune has been obtained,
   ceaselessly hearing, pondering and meditating day and night in order to liberateoneselfand
   others from the ocean of  cyclicexistence  is the bodhisattvas’ practice.

2.[The mind of] attachment to loves ones wavers like water.[The mind of] hatred of enemies
   burns like fire.[The mind of] ignorance which forgets what to adopt andwhat to discard is
   greatly obscured.Abandoning one’s fatherland is the bodhisattvas’ practice

3.When harmful places are abandoned,disturbing emotions gradually diminish.Without
   distraction,virtuous endeavors naturally increase.Being clear-minded,definite
   understanding of the Dharmaarises.Resorting to secluded places is the bodhisattvas’

4.Long-assiciated companions will part from each other.Wealth  and possessions obtained
   with effort will be left behind.Consciousness,the guest,will cast aside the guest-house of
 body.Letting go of this life is the bodhisattvas’ practice.

5.When [evil companions] are associated with,the three poisons  increase,the activitives of
    listening,pondering and meditation  decline,and love and compassion  are extingished.
    Abandoning  evil companions is the bodhisattvas’practive

6.When [sublime spiritual friends] are relied upon,one’s faults  are exhausted and  one’s
   qualities increase like the waxing moon.Holding sublime spiritual friends  even more dear
    than  one’s own  bodys is the bodhisattvas’ practice

7.What worldly god,himself also bound in the prison of cyclic  existence,is able to protect
    others? Therefore,when refuge is  sought,taking refuge in the undeceiving triple gem is the

8.The subduer said that all the unbearable suffering of the three lower  realms is the fruitions of
    wrongdoing.Therefore,never committing negative deeds,even at peril to one’s life,is
    the  bodhisattvas’practive.

9.The pleasure of the triple world,like a dewdrop on the tip of a  blade of grass,is imperiled in
    a single moment.Striving for the supreme state of never-changing  liberation is the

10.When mothers who have been kind to one since beginningless  time are suffering,what's  
      the use of one’s own happiness?  Therefore,generating the mind of  enlightenment in order
      to liberatelimitless sentient beings is the bodhisattvas’ pravtice.

11.All suffering without exception comes from wishing for one’s  own happiness.The perfect
      buddhas arise from the altruisticmind.Therefore,completely exchanging  one’s own
      happiness for the suffering of others is the bodhisattvas’practive.

12.Even if others,influenced by great desire,steal all one’s  wealth or have it atolen 
      dedicating   to them body,possessions  and virtues [accumulated in] the three times is the

13.Even if others cut off one’s head when one is utterly blameless,taking upon oneself  all their
      negative deeds by the power of  compassion is the bodhisattvas’practive.

14.Even if someone broadcasts throughout the billion worlds all  sorts of offensive remarks
      about  one,speaking in turn of that person’s qualities with a loving
mind is the

15.Even if,in the midst of a public gathering,someone exposes faults and speaks ill of one,
      humbly paying homage to that  person,perceiving him as a spiritual friend,is the


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