Drikung Kagyu Bhumang Nyihudling Center

The Origin:
Disciples from Taiwan requested Taiwan’s first incarnated Rinpoche-Bhumang Rinpoche to establish a center for preaching Buddhism.  The Center was therefore established in December 11th, 2003, with the consent from the 37th throne-holder of Drikung Kagyu Order His Holiness Chetsang Rinpoche.

1. Respectfully following teachings of Ven. Bhumang Rinpoche, practicing the disciplines of 四加行、大手印五支道與那洛六法,
helping preserve and spread Buddha’s great
teachings; facilitate religious and cultural
exchanges between Chinese and Tibetan  Buddhism.

2. To benefit all sentimental beings reach their enlightenments and deviate from the wheel of life and death.  With instructions and supervisions of Ven. Bhumang Rinpoche, disciples are learned to practice righteous Buddhist sutras and mantras, in order to purify body, speech and mind.

3. Ven. Bhumang Rinpoche encourages disciples regularly chanting mantras, and advise everyone should listen to sutra tapes for at least half-hour daily, and apply these  principles in daily

  (The tapes could be acquired from the Center at free of charge).

4. Ven. Bhumang Rinpoche expects disciples practicing the Three Wisdoms in daily life: from reading and hearing instructions, from reflections, and from practice of abstract meditation.  Correcting individual behaviors, languages, and minds at all times.

All donations and fees are to be wired to:



     Taipei Fubon  Bank (xin yi Branch), Taiwan
     Drikung  Kagyu  Bhumang  Nyihudling  Association


     Punjab  National 
     Drikung  Kagyu      
     Bhumang  Jampaling  Monastery  P/O  Chauntra   
CC/ 1408000100136837
     Distt Mandi  (H.P.)

     Dharma Words from Ven. Bhumang Rinpoche:


* It is much easier to change our inner-selves than changing others; you should start by changing your   inner self.

* A good beginning is an essential part of success; all members should set themselves as examples for new members, and making the Center as a paragon to all other religious centers.




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