Dr. Lobsang Sangye visited Bhumang JampaLing Monastery

   In the late evening of May 20,2012 the Prime Minister of Tibetan government in exile, Dr. Lobsang Sangye arrived at Bhumang JampaLing Monastery where he received a warm welcoming. He was recieved with all smiles as he set foot in Chauntra, accompanied by his personal assistant jigmey la, and general home secretary Mr.Sonam Togyal. The visit came into fruition on the urging of Tibetans living in settlements across northern and southern india following his successful election to the office of the 2011 Kalon Tripa.

Khenpo Tsering Phuntsok, who acts as the abode of the Chauntara's Drikung Kagyu Monastery in Bhumang Rinpoche’s absence led the Prime Minister on a tour around the monastery and briefed him of its history and background. Each and every monk as well as staff members were introduced to the Prime Minister. Due to teaching engagements abroad,His eminence Drikung Kagyu Bhuman Rinpoche’s absence was deeply felt throughout the Prime Minister’s visit.

Dr. Lobsang Sangye expressed his admiration for Bhuman Rinpoche for his dharma accomplishments at such a young age and was equally impressed that His Eminence’s parents are both devout Buddhists.

The next morning, the Prime Minister visited the Chauntra settlement where he had his public audience and was overwhelming received by the locals, both young and old.

Before leaving, he enjoyed a delicately prepared lunch at the monastery and took photos with our staffs and monks of Drikung Kagyu Bhumang Jampaling.

His visit has brought much joy and hope to the people in Chauntra. On behalf of Bhumang JampaLing Monastery, we would like to express our deep felt gratitude and honor once again for being able to host the Prime Minister’s visit and we look forward to his return in the near future






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